sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009


Pentru Ioana&co de Halloween Party:

marți, 27 octombrie 2009

For she's a jolly good fellow!

This is what we did for her birthday and their new home (except for the poppies - for i'm not THAT good - i handcrafted the whole thing. With mistakes&all, but...can u tell?).

poppy-lamp & door stoppers

treasure chest ;)

"snow" globe (thanx, Cristina, for the tip!)

vineri, 16 octombrie 2009

She lightened up my day...

This is she.
She gave me the sweetest&cutest zebra earrings, wrote a lovely note she doesn't even remember about (women in their 30's!!!) and she made me smile... perhaps you don't know much about zebras smiling...

Zebra smiles are biiig things, very important! ;)
Soon enough, pictures of me wearing the thingies.

marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Unbreak my heart


And it glows in the dark ;).


Sunt brose ursoase.

Pentru Irina :)

duminică, 4 octombrie 2009


My October symphony

Pesto, pui cu ceapa si prune (both courtesy of Mazilique, check her out, veti muri de pofta), paine cu seminte de dovleac (thanx, mom!), supa crema de morcovi si "Out of Africa" pe TV1000. And this is how Zebru faces the music in the fall. Keep breathing.