vineri, 16 octombrie 2009

She lightened up my day...

This is she.
She gave me the sweetest&cutest zebra earrings, wrote a lovely note she doesn't even remember about (women in their 30's!!!) and she made me smile... perhaps you don't know much about zebras smiling...

Zebra smiles are biiig things, very important! ;)
Soon enough, pictures of me wearing the thingies.

6 comentarii:

  1. she thsinks you're smart,funny and what else was there? :))
    and that's how you say thanks : by ratting her out on the entire world!!!!
    bad bad bad Z. :))

    and world , fyi ...."she" is not old and forgetful.she's in love (kekeke) <------it just occured to me it sounds better :))

  2. powerful :). but only when i wear the thingies ;).
    deci erata, people: she's a teenager in love. by all means, if 30-something is old, i might as well kill myself right now!

  3. teenager as in... juliett&stuff. acum o sa spuna ca o fac sinucigasa! :))))

  4. sinucigasa nu.fraiera, ca julieta numai fraiera a putut fi sa se sinucida din amor :))

  5. asa-i? :)))
    strange...i get this all the time :P