duminică, 28 februarie 2010

day 28 - an apple a day...

:) and here we are. It was fun, wasn't it? I loved every day of it, lack of sleep and all. Every day was rewarding and this doesn't happen very often . I am happy I have been part of this again and I am looking forward to next year's Thing-a-day, too. Thank you all for making February such a good month! Before I end up thanking my mother and everyone I know, so-Academy-Awards-like, let me introduce you to the happiest apple-with-worm (well, yeah, this time and this time only, it is a worm and not a caterpillar).
See you around, falks!

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day 27 - making of...

I cannot believe that this is coming to an end already. This year I found it less difficult to go through with it. It was a full, fun and rewarding month. But more cheesy stuff tomorrow. Today I worked on my ladybugs army, I finished and delivered them. I am happy some ladies will get them on March 1st and maybe some will wear them. I took pictures along the way. It shows how I started by day and finished by night (although I enhanced the brightness in Photoshop - it is the only thing I can do in Photoshop, along with making pictures smaller ).

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sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2010

day 26 - ladybugs and sleep deprivation

These are going to be 80 ladybugs. And that's me, working and abandoning the battle due to sleep deprivation . Thank God for the week-end! I'll be back with comments as soon as I have slept ( I woke up to post this and I am going back) and finished the ladybugs army. See ya!

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vineri, 26 februarie 2010

day 25 - trinkets

Too tired to add any other comment to the title. They are in the oven now :).

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miercuri, 24 februarie 2010

day 24 - birdie for Irina

Irina is my 8 months old niece. She got this hanging birdie today:

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day 23 - caterpillars

A bunch of caterpillars that are going to be turned into trinkets. More to come, rainbow-colored.

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luni, 22 februarie 2010


Daca tot se lasa cu postat chestii, uite-o pe Ellie, cea mai frumoasa elefantica pe care o port la telefon si-mi inveseleste zilele la birou. E de la Anky aka Bo3mia :)

the ultimate zebra

Si iata cea mai funky-crafty-cool zebra, pe care mi-a facut-o Leti/Bijuteriiwhatelse, la cererea si privirea-mi umeda, umbrita de gene luuungi, dupa incercari soldate cu ridichi, magari (?) si nave spatiale. Am s-o port maine cu mandrie, cum numai dungile se poarta :)


Primele martisoare, facute din ce mi-a mai ramas din ce mi-a trimis Arabela, si anume: Moosgummi in germana si foam rubber in engleza. Nu am avut nervii necesari sa google-esc in nestire ca sa vad cum ii spune si-n romana, e un fel de spuma-cauciuc.

day 22 - pear&grape


Pe langa perna, patura, sosete, o jucarie de plus si zebra crosetata de mama, am mai primit si alte zebrosenii pe care nu le-am postat din lene si indolenta. Asa ca imi spal acum toate alea (in public, ca de aia am blog) si pun poze:

- cerceii intregiti de colierul funky de la Leti aka Bijuteriiwhatelse (pe scut, Letitzia, who else?!)

- bratara de la Adriana aka Pixierust

- cerceii de la Daciana aka Wires&stones

- zebru-magnet de la Laur aka nu-va-spun-cum-ii-spun

Cred ca nu mai e loc de scapare, s-au lipit dungile de mine pentru eternitate. Si... imi place :).

duminică, 21 februarie 2010


Courtesy of Vala, un nou magnet pentru colectia mea de "turistici" (norul si zebruca nu-s turistici, ei sunt turistii; oile sunt, din wales :D). Mi-as dori sa fi mers eu prin toate locurile alea dar... e tanara vremea.

Si primii ghiocei!