vineri, 19 februarie 2010

day 18 - tiny - tinier - the tiniest

Today I had the urge to play with fimo (or other polymeric clay for that matter) and, remembering the tiny birdies I've made last year and inspired by Moni who made a 5 mm paper star, I created a birdie 9 mm long. It seemed pretty tiny but I knew I could do better. The second one turned out 7.5 mm long (I cannot say 7 but I don't agree with 8 either ). And, as I felt confident (it's something in the air today, I tell you!), the third one is 6 mm. And, thank God, I stopped there (my husband offered to find the magnifying glass ). I managed not to burn the little things so, here they are, in the poor night light (I hate that I cannot take pictures during daytime).

PS: Kimberly, I hope you get to see them .

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4 comentarii:

  1. OMG ! Cat sunt de mici !!! Si chiar nu s-au ars, ce noroc. Sa stii ca o lupa ar fi fost intradevar de folos si pentru poze ;)
    Is tare simpatice oricum, da ce o sa faci cu ele? Ca e riscul mare sa se piarda, sa fie inghitite, aspirate sau mai stiu eu ce minunatii se pot intampla :P

  2. pai ieri ma gandeam sa fac o pasare mai mare si sa i le urc pe astea in spate dar n-am mai avut energie. deocamdata le port in portmoneu, intr-un buzunarel cu fermoar. le-oi lipi pe ceva, presupun.

  3. very, very cute! DAr din punct de vedere al health & safety sunt a hazard intr-adevar!:)))

  4. :) thanx. le port intr-un buzunar mic cu fermoar din portmoneu. cand o sa le gasesc un loc/o utilitate, o sa va anunt ;)