joi, 18 februarie 2010

day 17 - yet-another-mushroom, people!

I know...but this is different: it has eyes. And a heart! And it can be worn as a brooch, once it's stopped going through my stuff in the hallway and in the kitchen!

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2 comentarii:

  1. zi uander mashruuuuum!<3
    can you make one for me too? :D
    with the same smiiile?

    i want oooone!:D<3

  2. iti fac, cum sa nu. da de care? ca am 5 marimi de patternuri si pot face la o adica si mai mari/mai mici. si the smile i can reproduce, i think. da nu vreau exact la fel, ca ma plicti :). trimite si tu un mail cu doleantele exacte :D.