joi, 11 februarie 2010

day 10 - Ilinca

After going through Carmen, Angela, Eufrosina and Sidonia, we've concluded that Ilinca suites her best. Yesterday I thought she'll be a Miruna (which is my favourite girl-name), but my Miruna won't be that gloomy.

She's the result of a team work: my mom made the dress, which is the best part (she even has a tiny button on the back), my husband drew the face (I asked for a cheerful girlie and I ended up with Miss Seriousness) and I sewed the lace on the sleeves, drew and sewed the body and had a terrible time (up to losing my patience completely) with the hair. Initially I was supposed to draw her a pair of shoes. Well, she remains barefoot since I am running out of resources of all kinds.

Ilinca is a very well-behaved girl, who plays the piano and does very good in school. She reads a lot and asks many annoying questions. She enjoys dancing barefoot in the summer rain (but you couldn't tell that just by looking at her ).

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