luni, 4 ianuarie 2010

Fresh start

2009: crafting, fairs, thing-a-day, no real holidays, hospitals, stress, anxiety, laughter, friends, epiphanies, few books, few movies, sun, home, work, less sleep, quit smoking, bitchy, fun, lonely.

winter holidays: not really holidays, but fun, playing santa-by-fax, avatar, family, friends, food, the cutest christmas tree, photos, laughter, home-sweet-home, up, i am getting so old, 33 resolutions.

2010, the blog friendly version: more books, more movies, german, changes, healthier life style, more sleep, more crafting, no smoking, less bitchy, more blogging and-other-i-couldn't-possibly-write-about-here.

my christmas:

6 comentarii:

  1. Ce dragut ai decorat prin casa :)

    Si eu mi-am propus pe anul asta ca o sa ma relaxez mai mult si o sa mananc mai sanatos, nu stiu daca o sa reusesc dar o sa incerc ;)

  2. pentru "healthier life style" iti mai trebuie un blog ...

  3. Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

  4. dar asta inseamna less sleep. si asta inseamna, eventually, die early. si, according to the age, die early is not so far away... si cu somnul ai vazut si tu ce se intampla. bantui la 3-4 a.m. ca n-ai somn si dup-aia la 9 esti o prapadita.

  5. @vala era tot comentariul. vai, habar n-am de blogging (rolling eyes).

  6. @arabela: thanx. napai eu deja am overslept azi (blush).