marți, 1 martie 2011

Day 28 - Blue

At times, I need to see the silver lining. And as much as I would like it to be pointed out to me by someone else, there are times when I have to draw it myself. Like today :).
This year's been less talking, I know. I miss posting comments, admiring everyone's work. I leave that to March. February's been quite full, in every way. Spring is coming, can you smell it? It's out there, in the air :)).
Farewell to every TADer, it's been, yet again, quite a journey. Don't be strangers, pass by every once in a while. I'm to be found
right here. Good night!

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4 comentarii:

  1. sa ai cea mai super califragilistica primavara din lume :D mi s-a facut dor de tine : )

  2. another day in silver coat
    dragging her feet on streets of vain,
    the spring is blooming in disdain
    with scents of praise: the flowers' plot...

  3. chestia cu norishorii e foarte reusita si e ingenioasa: tu, de fapt, dai corporalitate poeziei... o subtantializezi, oferind ochiului savuroase aventuri si incursiuni in ceea ce este, aproape prin definitie, doar teritoriu al nevazutului si imaginarului. Tu reusesti, pastrand proportiile desigur, sa ne faci -vazand-o cu ochii tai - sa privim lumea altfel, mai inocent, mai nevinovat si mai ...poetic. catrenul anonimului sta marturie.